Privacy policy

We fully comprehend significance of customer's personal information and societal demand for personal information protection, and we understand it is our grave social responsibility to properly handle and completely protect personal information. On this basis, we're committed to protecting customer's personal information.

Legal compliance

In handling personal information, (information that allows personal identification, the same shall apply hereafter), we comply with our legal obligation concerning personal information protection laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Purpose of use

Personal information provided by customers is used for the following purposes.
- Shipment of information materials, catalogs, and commercial products requested by the customer.
- Response to customer inquiries
- Product introduction by mail, express delivery, or e-mail.
- For execution of operating activities of SMK
- Contacting with customer when the need arises.

Disclosure of personal information to a third party

We do not disclose/give personal information to third parties except for the following cases.
- In case we have the consent of the customer in question.
- In case disclosure is legally requested.
- In case the information needs to be shared with a subcontractor of ours in order to perform an appropriate service. In that case, we take appropriate measures to prevent information leak.

Continuous improvement

We work continuously for improvement of "Privacy Policy".

Request for information disclosure and others

If a customer requests in person disclosure or correction of their own personal information, unsubscrption of complimentary emails, or data removal, we'll take prompt and sincere action.
Please contact us.