We at SMK plan, develp, manufacture, and sell electrodes for spot/nut/bolt/arc welding and welding accessories. The welding electrode is SMK updated 2018-09-04
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poor weld detection for nut weldingSmall-navi Controller/Small-navi UnitSuper compact has been realized!!
Small-navi Controller
- Palm-sized, user-friendly.
- Detects overlapped nuts.
- Prevents manufacturing defectively welded products.
- Errors are indicated.
Small-navi Unit
- Inner water-cooling system, cools to the end of the electrode.
- Slim and compact body.
- Silicon nitride guide pin, free from electric corrosion and ensures accurate navi measurement.
- Air blow, reduces spatter adhesion inside the unit.
- Air blow, easy replacement of guide pins.
- Easy to install to the welding machine.

Name of product Small-navi
Weight(kg) Approx. 1.54kg The weight are for the cases of a holder dia. 25 x 150 mm.
Guide pin drive


Cooling method Inner water-cooling
Holder outer diameter(mm) 25/32
Holder overall length(mm)



AC adapter: 1 pce   Junction cable for manual operation: 1 pce

Controller mounting plate: 1 pce   Cable tie: 2 pcs