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We at SMK plan, develp, manufacture, and sell electrodes for spot/nut/bolt/arc welding and welding accessories. The welding electrode is SMK updated 2018-07-16
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It is a great pleasure to introduce you the great nature of Tanegashima Island and Yakushima Island.
Tanegashima island is our company president's hometown.
Yakushima Island is his second hometown and one of the world natural heritage. We hope you enjoy them.

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Take a break during work  ..... Enjoy the great nature of Tanegashima Island and Yakushima Island.

New March 26, 2015. 10:21AM. The moment of successful lift-off. Photo by President of our company.

taneyaku1.jpgLocation of Tanegashima Island and Yakushima Island
taneyaku11.jpgTake a propeller plane from Kagoshima Airport to Tanegashima Island, Yakushima Island.
taneyaku2.jpgTanegashima Space Center
taneyaku2b.jpgMarch 26, 2015. 10:21AM. The moment of successful lift-off. Photo by President of our company.
taneyaku3.jpgTanegashima Nanairozaka
taneyaku4.jpgTanegashima Yokino Beach
taneyaku5.jpgTanegashima Kanehama Beach
taneyaku6.jpgTanegashima Takezaki Beach
taneyaku7.jpgTanegashima Chikura Beach
taneyaku8.jpgTanegashima sweet potato farm
taneyaku9.jpgTanegashima sweet potatoes has grown with the soil with full of minerals
taneyaku10.jpgThe high-speed craft 「Toppy」connects between Tanegashima and Yakushima
taneyaku13.jpgYakushima Ficus retusa
taneyaku14.jpgYakushima Okigahamada Pure brown sugar production place
taneyaku15.jpgYakushima The strangely shaped rock on the top of Kouban Peak. The nickname is To-fu rock.
taneyaku12.jpgYakushima Shirataniunnsuikyou
taneyaku16.jpgYakushima Ookou Fall
taneyaku17.jpgYakushima Senpiro Falls
taneyaku18.jpgYakushima Millennium Ceder
taneyaku19.jpgYakushima Yaku Ceder 1
taneyaku20.jpgYakushima Yaku Ceder 2
taneyaku21.jpgYakushima Yaku Ceder 3
taneyaku22.jpgYakushima Yaku Deer
taneyaku23.jpgYakushima Wild monkeys and deer
taneyaku24.jpgYakushima JR Hotel Yakushima Hotel of the superb view which the sea, a mountain can overlook.
taneyaku25.jpgYakushima JR Hotel Yakushima Excellent service & smile We recommendate it !!
taneyaku28.jpgYakushima Tankan field on south side slope
taneyaku27.jpgYakushima The famouse Yaku Ceder craft shop Takenouchi Kougei 1
taneyaku26.jpgYakushima The famouse Yaku Ceder craft shop Takenouchi Kougei 2
taneyaku29.jpgYakushima Bougainvillea
taneyaku30.jpgYakushima A bud of Yakushima rhododendron