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Introducing with video

BoltBoltBolt-navi control unit Boltron No sequencer (PLC) circuit required.
Easy to detect bolt length.

* Boltron is used in combination with Handy-Robo-navi-Bolt.

Controls Robo-navi-bolt slide unit and cylinder.
- Easy installation. Can be installed without professional knowledge.
- Suitable for each size bolt by changing lower electrode and guide pipe!!
- Suitable for bolt length 5 to 45 mm!!

Name of product Boltron
Model No. BT-01

360 g(Include Solenoid valve)

Size (Body)

100 mm (W) x 125 mm (H) x 45 mm (D) (Exclude Solenoid valve)

Power supply voltage (Using AC adapter) 

I / P:AC100-240V(50 / 60Hz)、O / P:DC24V / 1A

Holder overall length(mm)



- AC Adapter(DC24V)  - Junction cable for manual operation(HNA-002C)